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VIXX "Jekyll" Album Scans - Hongbin Album Insert

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"feet and hips!" —taejumma

Favorite pair of shoes? i’m so boring my fave shoes are just my black flats. i don’t wear heels i’ve tried i cannot wear those things i DON’T UNDERSTAND HOW PEOPLEE CAN LOL. it changes in the winter though lol.

Do you like to dance? i like to but i can’t hahahahah

"hair and skin" —Anonymous

What hair color looks best on you and what’s your natural color?

i really like red on me because idk everything i wear just looks nicer?? i mean definitely not green but royal blue and creme looks really nice with my hair and skin tone. my natural hair color is black.

Do you tan easily?

unfortunately yessssss. i hate being so tan. 

"All of your ways and all your thunder, got me in a haze running for cover."

"mouth!" —Anonymous

Do you want to kiss anyone right now? um yes PREFERABLY SOMEONE HOT